Why Choose Loft Beds?

The Many Uses of Loft Beds & Beds for Lofts

First of all, for anyone who’s not aware, loft beds differ from bunk beds in that bunk beds are two beds one above the other, whereas a loft bed is just the top bunk, leaving a useful space beneath, which can be used for all sorts of things including another bed underneath. A loft bed is fantastic for a small room which otherwise wouldn’t fit much but a bed or indeed, for a kids’ room with shared occupancy.

Kids’ Bedrooms

Particularly in a shared kids’ room there’s really no privacy, especially if there are bunk beds. Bunk beds also spawn the perennial argument over who is to have the top bunk. With loft beds, each child gets to be on the top bunk and each child has a private area beneath the bed to use as they wish.

Kids can have their railway or racetrack laid out or play with their toys of choice. Curtains around the under-bed area can create even more privacy and can give character to a play area. For example, cleverly draped or sewn fabric can indicate a specific play area e.g. a fairy castle, a ship or ‘plane or farm or anything, limited only by the child’s imagination. They can invite friends over and be alone and not cluttering the rest of the house with toys.

Some loft beds come with drawers included as well as a return desk and others with zip up play areas, ideal to hide mess or even with a slide for lots of fun with friends.

Space Saving

If the space under the bed isn’t going to be used as a play area then there are plenty of other uses. Bookcases, toy boxes, a dressing table or chest of drawers or even a child-sized wardrobe would easily fit.

If you don’t fill the space up with furniture then the kids can have friends to stay and there will be room for a sleeping bag or two or an inflatable mattress or small sofa which converts to a bed.

Space for Older Children

If your children have grown out of toys, the space under the loft bed can be transformed into a study area. There would be room for a desk or computer table and a bookcase or filing cabinet. This provides a quiet place for homework and makes it unlikely that the child will try to get schoolwork done when they should be sleeping. A spare chair means they can work with a friend.

Many loft beds actually come with a desk area some just a plain wide shelf under the bed but others are fitted with cubby holes and drawers making a real office space.

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