Beds for Lofts

Beds for lofts are ideal if you live in an open plan area such as a loft or have a loft bedroom. Your bed will be visible to you and your visitors all the time so you’ll want a really lovely bed, not an ordinary divan or a bed with legs where you can see all the dust underneath.

Ideal beds for lofts are referred to as platform beds because, well, the mattress sits on or within a platform, rather than sitting on a divan (box spring) of the same size as the mattress. The platform can be made from or covered in just about anything for a retro or contemporary or even Asian style.


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Advantages of Platform Beds

  • A platform bed provides the firm surface needed for a memory foam mattress.
  • The surface aids a good night’s sleep and helps to maintain posture
  • The slats on which the mattress sits allow for air circulation, thus keeping the mattress fresh and aired.
  • The low profile of a platform bed makes a room seem more spacious.
  • Choose any type of wood for your platform bed or even leather or faux railway sleepers.

Disadvantages of Platform Beds

  • Platform beds are much lower to the ground than traditional beds and might not suit anyone with back or joint problems when it comes to getting up, however, this problem can be overcome – see below.
  • Without the added support of a divan, a better quality, more expensive mattress will be required.
  • Once assembled a platform bed is not easy to move.

Storage Platform Beds

To overcome the problem of a platform bed being too low, purchase a storage platform bed. Get a bed with drawers beneath the platform and your bed will be about the same height as a normal one with the added benefit of extra room to store bedding or other items. While still looking stylish, this is ideal use of space in a small loft area.

The addition of an attached headboard and side tables is also convenient and stylish along with built in lighting.

Floating Platform Beds

Floating platform beds provide a distinctive contemporary look along with the smooth surfaces and straight lines which are a feature of modern beds. As the name implies, the bed appears to float because the supports are hidden and with the addition of LED lighting beneath the bed, an ultramodern but restful atmosphere is created.

Platform beds are ideal beds for lofts providing a stylish and space saving alternative to the traditional bed.

Selection of Beds for Lofts aka Platform Beds

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